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Permanent Staffing

Headhunters Zone, permanent recruitment operation was established to provide the best-quality, professional recruitment service in all markets where we specialize. Our permanent recruitment division can easily partner with organizations of all sizes and deliver best-fit talent across industries.

We offer a guaranteed period on all permanent placements.

A permanent, full-time position offers much more financial security and job stability, reducing the stress levels for candidates and also enhancing their performance. Permanent employees are much more motivated to perform at their best to advance their career within the company. Permanent employees will not have any stress of finding another temporary/permanent assignment as soon as one finishes. Permanent employees can develop long-term relationships with colleagues in a team-oriented environment, contributing to the success of the company.

Permanent employment remains the more predominant placement type for candidates looking for stability and benefits for their career enhancement. Our quality management program means that we have a fully integrated staff of recruitment and selection process.  It includes detailed assignment of briefing and fully validated testing procedures, as well as psychometric assessments and behavioral interview techniques to analyze the candidate and client requirement.  Extensive reference checking enables us to select and refer only candidates of the highest caliber who ideally matched to the client’s need.

For more information on our permanent recruitment services, please contact our team or mail us on info@headhunterszone.com.

Senior & Mid Level Hiring

Headhunters Zone is proficient & capable of recruiting the senior & middle level management with its excellence of recruitment knowledge because we have experienced HR Team who have depth knowledge of IT & Non IT domain. Headhunters Team Expertise as well as they are fundamentally & technically sound of executing such kind of assignments. We have learned that when it comes to recruiting the middle & senior management profiles, recruitment approach & process needs to be very much creative as well as one should have that leadership & negotiation skills while approaching the senior or higher profiles candidates. Our team has depth knowledge about market trends and other external factors which can influence senior profile to look forward for good opportunities.

Whenever we got a chance to recruit Middle & Senior level Hiring assignments, we follow a sets of procedures in our mind starting from first approach to selection before executing the assignments so that we can perform better than our client’s expectations and demand.

Headhunters Zone also believes that there are various sources & methods from where we can approach such profiles & our most common approach is Head Hunting & Executive Search. Once we found suitable profiles we go through his complete experience & expertise, so that candidate’s best fit for the position before presenting such profiles to our clients. We first go ahead with formal round of telephonic with the candidates and once we found that candidate is interested for good opportunities then we schedule their first round of in-depth interview along with the job profiles & other required details i.e. our client’s brief introduction for checking the interest level of candidates, his/her designation & responsibility in organization, working environment, targets & challenges in the position, etc.